Global ARFF Services was started in 2007 as a subsidiary of Siddons-Martin Emergency Group to fill the needs of the ARFF community.

         Global ARFF Services has been providing contract service to Pierce Manufacturing, Oshkosh Truck Corp., Fire Trucks Unlimited and numerous airports around the world. We also provide technical assistance and trouble-shooting services, especially when they have trouble getting information or a response from their apparatus manufacturer.

         Global ARFF Services work on all types of ARFFapparatus and foam throwing vehicles at municipal and airport locations around the globe and we have a wealth of experience among our personal. Some of our major projects include:

  • Rebuilding Walters, Oshkosh and E-1’s from the ground up.
  • Designed and/or built low attack bumper turrets.
  • Designed and/or built C-50, S2000, 501 and 652 Snozzle® control systems.
  • Worked on and Delivered very first Snozzle®.
  • Designed and/or built many color and Flir™ camera systems.
  • Over 50 years of apparatus inspection work.
  • Performed operator training on E-1, Oshkosh, Walters and Snozzle®.
  • Preformed trouble-shooting for various companies all over the world.
  • Delivered OTC Strikers and trained personnel worldwide.

Our Employees History

  • Reggie Manuel - 18 years ARFF and 30 years heavy truck experience.
  • Chris Walton - 25 years ARFF experience.
  • Josh Ables - 10 years ARFF and 20 years mechanical experience.
  • Clint Skocpol - 30 years ARFF experience.
  • Shane Lawrence - 20 years military ARFF and 10 years civilian ARFF.
  • Johnny Moores - 13 years ARFF and 20 years heavy truck experience.
  • Ryan Barnett - 6 years ARFF and 10 years mechanical experience .


  • Bob Relyea, Past Owner CRES
  • David Whitaker, Fire Chief Memphis International (901) 922-2200
  • Matt Mauer, Fire Chief Kansas City International
  • Chad Primeaux, Fire Chief Lake Charles Regional
  • John Stearley, Maint. Supervisor Augusta, GA (706) 798-5685
  • Juan Venzor, Head of Maintenance DFW Airport (972) 574-3052
  • Carl Hubble, Field Service Oshkosh Truck (902) 203-7564
  • Michael Thiele, Field Service, Ziegler Germany (49) 1608290666
  • Jerome Matthai, Field Service, Rosenbauer Austria (43) 6645485061

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