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Global ARFF Services is proud to offer the Attackmaster 3 and 4, Elevated Waterway Control Systems. This innovative system is built with parts that will not become obsolete for at least 1 0 years, and installation is simple leaving the working, reliable parts of your system unchanged. The change over is very easy, resulting in a quick learn time for operators. The operation of the nozzle and the discharge system are unchanged.

Attackmaster 4 has all the features of the Attackmaster 3. The operator can control the Boom, Turret and other devices from a single joystick and computerized touch screen controls.


Attackmaster Camera Technology Thermal Imaging System uses FLIR System Inc., PathfinderlR II. PathfindlR II is a powerful thermal night vision camera with animal and pedestrian detection that lets you see clearly in total dark­ness, regardless of the vehicle you’re driving or the road your on. There are over 50,000 in-field, in use with proven reliability.

Wiring included to meet your needs. Direct plug & play for most Snozzle™ & Rhino™ systems. Custom cables are available.

Complete, pan and tilt systems also available. Don’t sacrifice clarity for color you probably won’t use. Most FLIR is used for night driving or person locating.

We also install Color Cameras and Back-Up Camera systems.

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